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Kamika Ekadashi

24 Jul 2022 | Sunday

Kamika Ekadashi, like any other ekadashi is considered to be an auspicious day to worship Lord Vishnu. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on this special day washes away all sins and gives Moksha.

It also helps a person to acquire Punya which is equal to that obtained by performing an Ashwamedha Yaga or donating a cow or performing: a sacrifice or Yagnas.

Kamika Ekadashi is celebrated during Krishna Paksha of Shravana month by all Hindus throughout the country.

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Naga Panchami

02 Aug 2022 | Tuesday

Naga Panchami is a day of traditional worship of Nagas or snakes observed by Hindus throughout India, Nepal, and other countries where Hindu adherents live.

Naga Vrat is observed on the Shravana Shukla Panchami (fifth day of the bright half of Shravan month)./n If Panchami is prevailing for less than 3 Muhurats on its Tithi and Chaturthi is also less than 3 Muhurats on the previous day, Vrat must be observed on Chaturthi./n It is also believed that if Chaturthi prevails for more than 3 Muhurats and then Panchami begins with the ending after the 2 Muhurats of next day, the fast can be observed on the next day only.

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Shravana Putrada

08 Aug 2022 | Monday

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated and observed in dedication to Lord Vishnu. This festival and puja is especially done by a married couple who are unable to have a child, especially a son in which they observe a Putrada Ekadashi fast and perform pujas to worship Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings.

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